SOA Rage

David Linthicum may very well have coined the term “SOA Rage” in his recent posting. His posting had to do with resistance to change that can easily occur with SOA efforts. David says that, “I guess there is a certain amount of rage that’s going to be a part of any change; it’s your job to minimize it.” My issue is that David and others posting on the same topic do not provide any substantive suggestions on how to identify and minimize potential change issues. There are ways to do that. Take a look at Chapters 8 and 9 in Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures: The Savvy Manager’s Guide. You will find a discussion on how force-field diagrams could help you identify and minimize resistance to change. By the way, I wrote those chapters in 2002. To my knowledge, no other SOA-related book discusses change to the degree I do in that book.

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Published:July 14, 2008

As I See It General Commentary

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