Five Principles for the Incremental SOA Analysis

After last week’s posting, I thought I should say more about incremental SOA analysis. The following is from Chapter 10 in Web Services, Service-Oriented Architectures, and Cloud Computing. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) projects are no different from other IT projects in that larger projects tend to fail and issues regarding change can scuttle projects. This chapter…


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Incremental SOA and Change

Computerworld had an article last January that discussed American Airlines’ approach to using Web Services and multiple enterprise service buses (ESBs) as part of their service-oriented architecture (SOA). The authors emphasized a change from build vs. buy and from using mainframes. That, however, is not the part I found interesting. (Also, several comments to the…


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Articles on Cloud Computing and Revised Edition of the Savvy Manager’s Guide

After a very long gap, I’m resuming postings. Going forward, this blog will be a source of information about software design with an emphasis on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Cloud Computing. Using my background and experience, my intent is to provide useful information and thought on software design rather than just add to the general…


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