Changes for IT and Regulatory Requirements

This post picks up on two ideas in my last post.

The first¬† idea is that IT will have significant change, in part, from the adoption of Cloud Computing. Take a look at IT Departments Won’t Exist in Five Years at It states that:

Consumerization of IT and self-service trends will lead to a restructuring of the today’s IT shop, leaving behind a hybrid model consisting of tech consultants and integrators.

The second idea is that regulatory requirements about data protection or data movement are a diminishing restraining force for adopting a Public Cloud. A quote from Jason Bloomberg in the post indicated that “…any regulatory drawbacks to using public Clouds are essentially temporary.” Another article at illustrates this. Regulations and the Cloud: HIPAA Modification Provides Clarity from last February states:

…now that the cloud is becoming more established, some regulations are starting to catch up. A case in point is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).¬† …A significant modification to the act was issued on January 25, 2013. While none of this modification’s 138 pages specifically mentions cloud computing, the changes it contains are applicable and should be fully absorbed by your cloud-computing team.

Both articles are short and worth reading.

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Published:June 12, 2013

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