Shadow IT, Core IT, Fast IT, and PaaS

Andrew C. Oliver of InfoWorld recently recounted a conversation he had with his colleague Sacha Labourey. Sacha described how the adoption of PaaS will vary by categories of IT :

Shadow IT is where departments who can’t get core IT to do a project go rogue and accomplish their objectives by making an end run around core IT.

Core IT is traditional IT as it exists in most companies. It protects the assets of the company, from ERP to HR software to accounting systems.

Fast IT is where new projects start. The idea is that a project can be initiated cheaply and shut down cheaply. The basic assumption behind core IT is that every project will be successful and every activity will be ongoing.

According to Andrew, Sacha states that PaaS Cloud Providers don’t necessarily need to convince Core IT to migrate to PaaS. There are plenty of customers initially in Shadow IT and Fast IT. Andrew’s article is How IT Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud.

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Published:July 24, 2013

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