The typical definition of an atomic task or process is one that cannot be decomposed further. This is vague and subject to interpretation. The Decomposition Matrix on this site uses a specific definition: A task (for business process diagrams) or a process (for data flow diagrams) is atomic if every input relates to every output…


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Data Flow Diagram for Services Example

Here’s a quick example of how to use the Decomposition Matrix to create a data flow diagram (DFD) that shows the decomposition of services in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). I’ve chosen a generic example of legacy systems that will be accessed by services. This will create a decomposition for a services interface layer on top…


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Decomposition Matrix and Methodology

On the home page for this site, I list how the Decomposition Matrix may be used augment various methodologies. Nevertheless, I believe that list is incomplete. I also believe some descriptions in the list could be improved. Since I am not a seasoned practitioner in all methodologies, I would like to hear from those of…


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