Helpful Hints for the Decomposition Matrix

  • Use multiple matrices in multiple browser tabs or windows. You can create variations of a matrix in multiple tabs or windows. To copy the matrix that you are currently using into another tab or window, place your cursor on “Matrix” in the menu bar at the top of the page. Then right click and choose opening in another tab or window. The new tab or window will read the cookies as of the last “Submit” and populate the matrix. This, of course will work only if you have clicked on “Submit” for the original matrix. When you are using matrices more than one tab or window, remember that the matrix where you last clicked “Submit” is the one stored in the cookies.
  • Leave browser windows open. When you decompose a sub-matrix, the cookie values are over-written. By leaving a browser window open, you can return to the original Decomposition Matrix.
  • Try variants in separate browser windows. If you want to try variants of a Decomposition Matrix, first click on Submit to store all matrix changes in the cookies. Then return to the Matrix page, right click on the “matrix” menu choice at the top of the page and open in either a new tab or a new window. The cookies will be used to populate a copy of the matrix. You can use the matrix copy to try variants.
  • Use a projector. It is best to collaborate with subject domain experts when developing a matrix. Being able to project both the matrix and generated diagram will make it easier to collaborate as a group.

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