Shadow IT, Core IT, Fast IT, and PaaS

Andrew C. Oliver of InfoWorld recently recounted a conversation he had with his colleague Sacha Labourey. Sacha described how the adoption of PaaS will vary by categories of IT : Shadow IT is where departments who can’t get core IT to do a project go rogue and accomplish their objectives by making an end run…


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Changes for IT and Regulatory Requirements

This post picks up on two ideas in my last post. The firstĀ  idea is that IT will have significant change, in part, from the adoption of Cloud Computing. Take a look at IT Departments Won’t Exist in Five Years at It states that: Consumerization of IT and self-service trends will lead to a…


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Using a Public Cloud instead of an In-House Private Cloud

Last April, Jason Bloomberg of ZapThink issued a ZapFlash titled Cloud Computing: Rethinking Control of IT. I thought it would be useful to organize his arguments into a Force Field Analysis as described in Web Services, Service-Oriented Architectures, and Cloud Computing. The following analysis also includes information from two other ZapFlash entries that Jason referenced…


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